Foundation Publications

  • 2017

Curbing Unfair Drug Prices: A Primer for States

  • 2015

Reform To Transform Policy Briefs 

  • 2014

Changing Hospital Landscape in Connecticut

Connecticut Health Care Survey 2014

Enrollment in Connecticut

  • 2013

ACA: Did you know it helps you?

Access Health CT

  • 2010

Adoption of the Medical Home in Connecticut

Examining Tobacco Use, Consequences and Policies in Connecticut: Smoke and Mirrors?

Overweight and Obesity in Connecticut: Precursors, Policies and Possibilities 

  • 2009

Connecticut 2009 Primary Care Survey: Physician Satisfaction, Physician Supply and Patient Access to Medical Care

Health Care We Can Count On

SustiNet by The Numbers: Projections of Cost, Coverage, and Economic Impact

  • 2008

CT Physician Workforce Survey 2008

  • 2007

About the Economic and Social Research Institute

Attitudes Towards Health Care Reform in CT

Health Coverage in CT: The costs and Benefits of Major Reform

  • 2006

CT Crisis Faces of a Broken Health Care System

Health Care in CT: Sounding The AlarmHealth Care in CT: Sounding The Alarm

Latino Health In CT

Mapping Health Spending and Insurance Coverage in CT

Research Brief: The Real Cost of Living and Getting Healthcare in CT

Small Business Health Care Network Survey 2006

  • 2005

Interfaith Dialogue on Universal Health Care

La Salud Universal: Un Diálogo Entre las Comunidades de Fe

  • 2004

Affordable Health Insurance for Small Businesses

UNINSURED: The Costs and Consequences of Living without Health Insurance in Connecticut

  • 2002

Health Spending, Coverage and the Uninsured in Connecticut

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