Governor’s Executive Order Creates Opportunity for Meaningful Reform in the Certificate of Need Process

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February 26, 2016             


Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut applauds Governor Malloy’s executive order, effectively halting mergers and acquisitions of big hospital systems until a complete review of Connecticut’s “Certificate of Need” process is completed. 

“This is a move in the right direction,” said Frances Padilla, president of Universal Health Care Foundation. "We have called for a moratorium on hospital consolidations since 2014, and urged an aligned approach to population health and health care planning, including a review of how the Certificate of Need process can more completely evaluate the pros and cons of individual hospital proposals."

The Foundation is encouraged that the executive order calls for a “more comprehensive approach to health planning,” and an “alignment with other health reform efforts,” in the state.  This gives Connecticut the chance to strengthen accountability to the public, elevate the voice of state residents in decisions directly affecting them and make progress toward quality and affordable care.

The task force that will execute the order’s charge appears to be comprised of all the necessary stakeholders.  However, the Foundation is concerned about whether it provides for adequate input and participation of consumers. 

The Foundation will be vigilant to ensure that consumers are well represented at the table and that there are opportunities for the task force to be informed by the experience of real people.

The Foundation envisions a health care system that is accountable and responsive to the people it serves, and that supports our health, takes excellent care of all of us when we are sick at a cost that doesn't our threaten financial security and continues to be an important source of quality employment and vitality in our communities. 


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