Our Work

Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut is unwavering in our commitment to ensure access to affordable, equitable health care for all people in Connecticut. We engage organizations and people from across the state to:

Universal health care principles

We believe that health care is a fundamental right. These principles guide our work as we get to universal health care.

Legislative Advocacy

The Foundation provides written and in-person testimony at Connecticut State Legislature on proposed legislation that impacts health care in the state.  We have testified on issues such as protecting and expanding Medicaid, improving private insurance, skyrocketing pharmaceutical prices, and improving the state’s health care system.  We also testify in opposition of polices that move us backwards and away from universal, quality, affordable care.

We focus on how proposed policies will impact everyday people’s health, wallets, well-being, and security.

Administrative Advocacy

Year-round, the Foundation weighs in administratively to make sure that people are represented in important health care decisions.  This includes raising the voice of people like you at Access Health CT (state health care exchange) Board Meetings, the Health Care Cabinet, and hearings on hospital sales.  We also submit public comment on the state and federal level, ensuring the consumer voice is heard on a variety of health care issues.

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