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Affordability of Proposed Health Insurance Rate Increases Decried by Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut

September 4, 2019

Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut spoke up at today’s rate hike hearing on behalf of state residents who buy health insurance in the individual and small group markets. The hearing, held by the Connecticut Insurance Department, was to review rate requests submitted by health insurers for 2020 health insurance policies.

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Foundation Statement On Failed Health Care Reform Legislation in the 2019 Session

June 6, 2019

Statement of Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut president, Frances G. Padilla, on the failure of HB 7267, An Act Concerning Public Options for Health Care in Connecticut, to pass.

“The foundation, with key allies and legislative champions, worked to pass a bold public option bill this session – and these efforts were blocked at every turn by vested interests who prefer the status quo to offering residents access to quality, affordable health care choices.”

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Foundation Lauds Bill to Provide New, Quality and Affordable Health Care Options in Connecticut

May 23, 2019

Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut praised today’s announcement that an agreement has been reached to move legislation this session to improve health insurance choices for small businesses, nonprofits and individuals.

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Connecticut Health Advancement and Research Trust Welcomes Three New Board Members

April 16, 2019

Kenn Harris, Monte Wagner, and Beverley Brakeman join the CHART Board; Berverley Brakeman also joins the UHCF Board.

Foundation Calls Push to Undo Affordable Care Act Irresponsible

March 28, 2019

Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut condemned the actions of the United States Justice Department to support the Texas v U.S. legal case that seeks to devastate the entire Affordable Care Act (ACA).

“This action puts everyone at risk for huge increases in health care costs and major reductions in coverage,” stated Frances G. Padilla, president of Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut.   “And hundreds of thousands of Connecticut residents could lose their health insurance all together.”

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Foundation Leader Says Public Option Health Plan Will Benefit People Left Behind in the Current Health Care Market

March 6, 2019

On the eve of a public hearing to consider the creation of a new health plan backed by the state of Connecticut, Frances G. Padilla, president of Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut issued strong support for an idea that is long overdue. “It’s time for bold action on health care. This bill would put us on a path to better care, better costs and better choices for the individuals and small businesses who are left behind in the current marketplace.”

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Interfaith Leaders Call for Action on Health Care at Gubernatorial Forum

October 18, 2018

Interfaith leaders gathered in brisk weather outside the Gubernatorial Forum at Infinity Music Hall in Hartford to pray for those in need of quality, affordable health care. They called on all three Gubernatorial candidates to talk in public about their plans for access to quality, affordable health care for all state residents.

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Read Betsy Glassman’s health care story, which she shared at the event.

Read Diane Bullock’s health care story, which she also shared at the event.

Advocates Release Survey of State Residents on Health Care Costs — Half Struggle to Pay for Health Care; Voice Strong Support for Change Across Parties

Read our press statement on the release of a statewide survey of adults on the high cost of health care.  The survey was conducted by the nonpartisan Altarum Healthcare Value Hub earlier this year.  It measured state residents’ struggles to afford health care and opinions about what should be done.

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Health Care Advocates Say Aetna-CVS Deal Is Not Good for Consumers

October 3, 2018

Read our statement ahead of the October 4, 2018 Connecticut Insurance Department hearing on the proposed acquisition of Aetna by CVS.

We submitted written testimony for the consideration of the CT Insurance Department, citing our concerns and elevating expert testimony from California and New York.

Advocates Call on State’s Insurance Department to Do More About Rising Health Insurance Premiums: Consumers Need Affordability

September 5, 2018

Read our statement on the struggle of consumers to afford health insurance on the individual market — and ask state regulators to address this affordability problem.

We submitted written testimony that goes into more detail about these challenges and potential solutions from nearby states.

Advocates Express Concern About 2019 Health Insurance Rate Filings

July 20, 2018

Read our statement on the recently released proposed rate increases for individual and small group health plans in the state.

Rate filings are posted at the Connecticut Insurance Department website here.

Connecticut Health Advancement and Research Trust / Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut Welcomes New Board Member

June 28, 2018

Candida Flores joins the CHART and UHCF Boards.

Statewide Poll Shows Residents Worried About High Drug Costs — Support Strong Government Action Across Party Lines

April 12, 2018

Read our press release on a statewide poll conducted by the Altarum Healthcare Value Hub, including comments from advocates, patients, physicians, and public officials.

  • See our work on fighting back against the rising costs of prescription drugs here, which includes highlights of the poll.
  • See the data brief here.
  • Watch the press conference here (via CT-N)
Advocates Say Proposed Medicaid Public Option Bill is a Welcome Jump Start in the Quest for Quality, Affordable Health Care Options for All State Residents

March 19, 2018

Read our statement on House Bill 5463: An Act Concerning a Medicaid Public Option, slated for a public hearing on Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at noon in the Human Services Committee at the Connecticut General Assembly.