Poll Shows Connecticut Residents Worry About Affording Health Care and Want to See Action

October 11, 2018

By Jill Zorn |

A poll conducted earlier this year of Connecticut residents found far too many people in the state are struggling to afford health care.   

The survey was conducted by Altarum’s Healthcare Value Hub.  Today, Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut is releasing two policy briefs, written by the Healthcare Value Hub, that summarize findings from the poll.  One other brief, focused on prescription drug affordability, was previously released in April.     

The poll found that state residents:  

Residents are not satisfied with our health care system: 80% agree or strongly agree that “the system needs to change.”  When given more than 20 options, they focused on the high prices charged by industry players, citing most frequently as a “major reason” for high health care costs: 

When asked about possible strategies for tackling high health care costs, residents expressed strong support, across party lines, for government to take action.  Here are just a few of the bold solutions they favor: 

% who agree or strongly agree that the government should:

Total Democrat Republican Neither
Show what a fair price would be for specific procedures  95% 93% 96% 96%
Authorize the Attorney General to take legal action to prevent price gouging or unfair prescription drug price hikes  94% 92% 94% 96%
Set standard payment to hospitals for specific procedures  89% 82% 92% 91%
Set standard prices for drugs to make them affordable  89% 85% 92% 92%


Universal Health Care Foundation is spearheading a campaign, IVote4Healthcare, alongside our partners at Protect Our Care CT. We believe health care should be a top issue during this election season.   

The results of this survey show that Connecticut residents are worried and want to see action.  We want to hear from candidates across party lines, “What’s your plan for health care?”  

Here are the titles of the three briefs:   

To learn more about the poll and to read the policy briefs, go HERE.