Prayer & Activism for Health Care at Gubernatorial Forum

October 23, 2018

By Lynne Ide |

On a brisk autumn afternoon, a dozen faith leaders from diverse backgrounds gathered for an interfaith prayer circle outside the October 18 Gubernatorial Forum in Hartford.  They called on the candidates for governor to speak publicly about their plans for health care.   

Their prayers rang out on the crisp breeze – challenging all who are running for election on November 6.  They prayed for: 

As the prayer circle gave voice to everyday peoples’ health care struggles, IVote4HealthCare activists gathered in support.  They carried signs and handed out cards to passersby – urging voters to ask the candidates: What’s your plan for health care?  

The prayer circle leader, Pastor Rodney Wade, engaged the crowd in call and response, “We each are different, yet together we pray!  We each are different, yet together we stand!  We each are different, yet together we fight!  We each are different, yet together we win!” 

Inside the Gubernatorial Forum, which was closed to the public, health care was not a topic of discussion.  The absence of health care policy in the gubernatorial debates has been frustrating to many.   

As Pastor Wade explained, “As clergy we understand that the members of our congregations experience some of the most stressful and anxious moments of their lives around health care.  We believe that those who are running for the highest office in our state should make health care a priority.” 

All three candidates have recently posted health care “platforms” on their websites.    

We encourage everyone to check out what the candidates are saying about health care and make an informed vote on November 6: