Poll of Connecticut Residents on Health Care Costs

Poll Shows Connecticut Residents Struggle with Health Care Costs and support a broad range of solutions across party lines

In early 2018, the Altarum Healthcare Value Hub conducted a poll of Connecticut residents, asking them a variety of questions around health care costs and affordability.  The results from the Altarum Consumer Healthcare Experience State Survey includes responses from over 900 Connecticut adults.  From this poll data, Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut and the Altarum Healthcare Value Hub have released three briefs (see below), diving into the health care affordability challenges of Connecticut residents, and agreement on a range of government solutions across party lines.

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The Struggle to Afford Prescription Drugs
Connecticut Residents Worried about High Drug Costs — Express Bipartisan Support for a Range of Government Solutions

Data Brief No. 1 | April 2018

This brief focuses on the poll results about the struggle Connecticut residents face in affording the prescription drugs they need. It shows that people in the state are cutting pills in half, skipping prescribed doses or not filling prescriptions because of cost and they support a broad range of government solutions.

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The Struggle to Afford Health Care
Connecticut Residents Struggle to Afford High Healthcare Costs — Support a Range of Government Solutions Across Party Lines

Data Brief No. 2 | October 2018

This brief focuses on the challenges Connecticut residents face to afford health care. It explores how high health care costs lead to Connecticut residents remaining uninsured or delaying or avoiding care. The brief also looks at health care cost burdens and worries by income and insurance coverage. It shows high levels of dissatisfaction with our health care system and widespread agreement, across party lines, for bold solutions.

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The Struggle to Navigate high health care bills
Difficulty Navigating Cost Obligations Adds to Healthcare Affordability Woes in Connecticut

Data Brief No. 3 | October 2018

This brief zeroes in on the struggles Connecticut residents face navigating health care tasks, particularly financial challenges like addressing surprise medical bills or understanding terminology like “coinsurance”. These problems of dealing with the complexity of our health care system are also examined through the lens of family income. It ends with a discussion of the increasing prevalence of high deductible health plans and other trends that are making it ever more difficult for Connecticut families to access and afford the care they need.

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