RESOURCE: How to Contact Your State Legislators

Want to contact your state legislator about an issue, but don’t know how?

Don’t know who your state legislators are?

Everyone has two state legislators – a state Representative in the House, and a state Senator in the Senate.

You can look up who your state Representative and State Senator are by going to Find Your Legislator.

If you click on your legislator’s name, it will take you to their website, which includes a phone number to call them.  There may also be other ways to contact your legislator on their page, including via email.

Another way to call your legislator is to call their caucus.  For example, if your representative is a Democrat, you can call the House Democrats.  If you senator is a Republican, you would call the Senate Republicans.  You can find out which part your state Representative and state Senators are when you look them up (above) at Find Your Legislator.

Phone numbers for caucuses:

Phone calls are best when contacting a legislator.  When you call, you may get a staffer or legislative aide – you can just leave a message with them.

To learn more about getting your voice heard at the Connecticut state legislature, go here.