What a Texas-based Court Ruling on the ACA Could Mean for You

October 2, 2019

By Lynne Ide

A key Affordable Care Act (ACA)-related court case (Texas v. Azar) could be decided as soon as this month.  The ruling in this Affordable Care Act repeal lawsuit could strike down the entire ACA – or uphold it.   

Either way, it is predicted that the losing parties will ask the Supreme Court to take up the case.  Read more here 

You might react to this news by saying:

A decision against the ACA could affect many Connecticut residents.  Here’s how:

What could be done to protect people?

If the ACA is struck down in the Texas v. Azar case, the Supreme Court could act to stop unravelling the law until they have a chance to rule on the case.  Read more here. 

Or – individual states could step in to do what they can to protect people.  The problem is: 

What can I do?

Connecticut residents should be prepared to stand up and call for swift action by our elected leaders when this decision comes down – either to reaffirm the decision to preserve the protections in the ACA, as well as the expanded coverage options and subsidies – or to call on the Supreme Court take action to put a halt to ACA unravelling until they decide the case. 

And – we can call on our Congressional delegation and state legislators to take action to do what they can to make sure people are not harmed. 



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