We are advocates and activists, using our skill to call upon others to join us in making the changes we believe are critical for health care for everybody.

Our advocacy work is at all levels – grassroots, legislative and administrative. Sometimes that means visibility for our issues at the state capital, bringing in other activists to work with us. Sometimes advocacy means convening and coordinating other advocates and activists to work together towards an important goal.

Sometimes advocating means testifying at the legislature and discussing important health care issues with legislators. Sometimes advocacy means speaking up at the Connecticut Insurance Department, the Health Care Cabinet or Access Health CT. We do all this and more, together with you.

Advocacy also includes elevating stories. Listening to real people’s stories – their struggle to get the care they need and can afford – is a priority. The shortfalls in our health care system are brought to life by these stories. They ground our policy advocacy and ignite the call for action.

What we work on: 

  • Access

  • Coverage

  • Affordability

  • Equity

Our testimony (2021)

Testimony in support of a ban on changing what prescription drugs are covered in a health plan (HB 6622)
Testimony in support of a ban on copay accumulator programs (SB 1003)
Testimony in support of a ban on flavored vaping and tobacco products (SB 326)
Testimony in support of a bill creating more affordable public options for health insurance (SB 842)
Testimony in support of a bill which would increase privacy for Explanations of Benefits (HB 6389)
Testimony in support of allowing children to remain on their parents’ dental and vision coverage until age 26 (SB 1004)
Testimony in support of automatic voter registration and restoring voting rights to parolees (HB 6578)
Testimony in support of bolder action, like the public option, regarding the Governor’s health care bill (HB 6447)
Testimony in support of community standards of health and hospital care for private, for-profit hospitals (HB 5575)
Testimony in support of declaring racism as a public health crisis, studying doula services, standardizing race, ethnicity, and language (REL) data collection, and improving community benefit (SB 1)
Testimony in support of for-profit hospital transparency (HB 5991)
Testimony in support of improvements to high deductible health plans (SB 1049)
Testimony in support of improving community benefit standards for non-profit hospitals (HB 6550)
Testimony in support of making absentee ballot boxes permanent (SB 1017)
Testimony in support of opening up HUSKY programs to all, regardless of immigration status (SB 956)
Testimony in support of protection for consumers regarding hospital bills (SB 683)
Testimony in support of public health and addressing social determinants of health by improving zoning regulations (SB 1024)
Testimony in support of the collection of race, ethnicity and language data for the Health Information Exchange (HB 6424)
Testimony in support of the creation of a Child Tax Credit in the state (HB 6654)
Testimony in support of the declaration of racism as a public health crisis and the creation of a Commission on Racial Equity in Public Health (HB 6662)