Universal Health Care believes in the value of everyday people being informed and becoming part of organized initiatives to achieve effective health care policy. We use grants to broadly educate targeted audiences on timely issues in access, quality and affordability of health care, and to stimulate resident activism and advocacy in Connecticut.

We do much of our own program and policy work, and further our mission by awarding grants to allies and partners. Grants build political will, catalyze action, bring diverse perspectives to the conversation and leverage influence.

Sometimes Universal Health Care partners with grantees, like in the healthcare4every1 campaign and, more recently, on voter outreach, education, and engagement work.

Sometimes grants support coalition efforts like Protect Our Care CT. Grants help us tell stories. They build an effective, diverse advocacy community. Grants even teach us to see ourselves and our struggles in a new light, as with COVID-19-era civic engagement grants.

Our grants are typically in the range of $2,500 to $10,000. We prefer to invite organizations to apply for grant funds rather than receive unsolicited applications. However, we are open to learning about new organizations and ideas, so we will gladly accept a one-page inquiry letter describing your idea, which you can submit via [email protected]. This will not be considered a proposal unless staff subsequently invites you to apply.

Check back on this page for future opportunities to apply for grant funding.