The coronavirus makes it clear: Health care isn't a luxury- it's a life or death necessity.

Health care that provides the care people need when they need it without breaking the bank isn’t just possible, it’s imperative.

Universal health care is in your hands.

The cost of health care has fast out-paced median income. So many jobs have been lost with COVID­‐19 that CT’s uninsured increased by close to 50,000 people.

Half of CT residents, insured and uninsured alike, worry they won't be able to afford the care they need. High deductible health plans offer lower­‐cost premiums for employers and consumers. And they lead to what experts call the “functionally uninsured” with sky-high deductibles and out-­of‐pocket costs.

Your gift builds traction to win good quality, affordable health care for everybody.

  • $40,000 engages a legislative monitor
  • $2,500 tests policy design
  • $500 pays for online messaging to counteract opposition lies

Thank you for your best gift today.

Universal Means Everybody.

*Donations are held by the Connecticut Health Advancement & Research Trust, Inc (CHART), the parent organization of Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut.

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