Our work is centered in the fight for justice – health, racial, economic and social.

We focus our health care advocacy in four key areas: affordability, access, accountability, and anti-racism/equity.

We center our call to action in the stories of real people who struggle to get the care they need and can afford. The stories we hear are powerful reminders of the shortcomings in our systems – not just in health care, but across the board in so many parts of our lives. These stories also provide hope and fuel for action and change.

We listen to our grassroots partners and community leaders to learn what they need and want. What is their vision of justice?

We work in coalitions that share our values to build power for health and other forms of justice.

Our 2022 Policy Priorities

Advance public policy initiatives to improve access, affordability, accountability and anti-racism/equity

Focus on five priorities:

  • Enact health coverage for immigrants, regardless of age or status
  • Establish a state Prescription Drug Affordability Board 
  • Expand ways to hold hospitals accountable to meet community health needs in all regions of the state
  • Promote oversight to protect consumers from insurance, hospital system and prescription drug industry abuse 
  • Support for behavioral health initiatives to meet diverse community health needs

If you are interested in talking about our policy work, please contact Rosana Ferraro, Program Lead for Health Justice Policy Advocacy at: [email protected]

What we work on: 

  • Access

  • Coverage

  • Affordability

  • Equity

Our testimony (2022)