2022 Elections: Know Your Voting Rights & Vote!

Election Day 2022 is on Tuesday, November 8 (polls are open 6 am – 8 pm)

The best, most reliable resource for all your election questions is the CT Secretary of State (SOS) website: myvote.ct.gov

Who Can I Vote for This Year?

There are candidates on the ballot in Connecticut for:

  • U.S. Congress (all 5 Connecticut congressional seats)
  • U.S. Senator (currently Senator Blumenthal’s seat, but not Senator Murphy’s seat)
  • Governor of Connecticut
  • State Senator (all 36 state Senate seats are up for election)
  • State Representative (all 151 state House seats are up for election)
  • Some municipal candidates or ballot questions (depending on your town)

What’s New This Year? A Statewide Ballot Question on Early Voting:

2022 Ballot Referendum Question: “Shall the Constitution of the State be amended to permit the General Assembly to provide for early voting?” 

Here is a factsheet on early voting from the nonpartisan League of Women Voters.

There is a town-by-town list of who is on the November 8 ballot, including all the candidates listed above, as well as any municipal races and local/statewide ballot questions on the CT Secretary of State website: myvote.ct.gov.

Why Should I Make a Plan to Vote?

  • Knowing where and how to cast your vote can help avoid confusion on election day
  • Knowing the candidates & ballot questions helps you think about how to cast your vote
  • Knowing if you are registered to vote can give you peace of mind on election day
  • Knowing if you need an absentee ballot will give you time to make sure you get one 

How Do I Find Out If I Am Registered to Vote?

Any state resident can find out if they are registered to vote on the CT Secretary of State website.

You can also find out if you are registered, your absentee ballot application status (if you already applied for one) and where you go to vote on November 8 (if you want to vote in person). 

How Do I Register?

  • You can register online by November 1 Connecticut Online Voter Registration
  • You can also register in person at your local Town Hall by November 1.
  • If you mail or hand deliver your voter registration form to the local Registrar of Voters – it must be postmarked or hand delivered by November 1.

If you miss the November 1 deadline, you can register to vote in person on November 8:

  • You should check with your Town Hall to find out the one location in your Town that is processing election day registrations.
  • You can use same day registration to get registered or if you are registered in one town and you moved to another town and did not already change your voting address.
  • You will need to provide proof of identity and address.
  • You should be prepared to wait in line – dress comfortably and bring water/snacks.
  • Once you get registered on November 8, you can vote at that location.

Am I Eligible to Vote?

You are eligible to vote if: you are 17 and turning 18 on or before November 8; if you are a U.S. citizen; if you have been convicted of a felony, have completed confinement and parole, and if applicable, paid all fines in connection with your conviction.

You can find more on eligibility to vote, with specific information for homeless individuals, college students and restoration of voting rights for convicted felons on the CT Secretary of State website: myvotect.gov

Voters should check out this resource on the CT SOS website for answers to your voting questions

Voting in Person on November 8

  • Polls are open from 6 am to 8 pm on November 8 – if you are in line to vote before 8 pm on November 8, you must be allowed to vote
  • You are not required to show a license or photo ID to vote in person 
  • If you do not have a license or photo ID, you can use other forms of ID (with name & address OR name & signature OR name & photograph)  
  • You may also sign an affadavit stating your identification instead of presenting an ID (someone at each polling place can help you with this)

Remember - if you need help on November 8, contact the Election Day hotline: 866-733-2463

Mail-In Voting (also known as Absentee Voting)

Note: Even if you applied for and received a mail-in ballot, you may still choose to vote in person on November 8 – if you did not already mail in or drop off your ballot at the Town Clerk office

Who to Contact If I Need Help?

If you need help on November 8, contact the Election Day hotline: 866-733-2463