Health Insurance Costs Too Much – We Want to Hear Your Story

By Rosana G. Ferraro |

Last week we let you know that rate requests have been filed for 2020 health insurance plans for individuals and small groups. Insurance companies are requesting rate increases for most health plans again.

Rising health insurance rates have a real impact on people’s health and wallets – especially people who purchase insurance on their own, and small businesses who buy insurance for their employees. Often, the only affordable plans have high deductibles – meaning that people have to pay thousands of dollars out of their own pocket before the insurance company covers anything.

There aren’t a lot of choices for individuals and small businesses who buy their own health insurance. In the state health insurance exchange, there are only two insurance companies. Off the exchange it’s not much better – two insurance companies sell plans to individuals, and five insurance companies sell plans to small businesses.

This past legislative session, we fought for new health plan choices (called a public option) because we heard too many stories of people struggling to afford their health insurance. Fifty percent of Connecticut residents experienced a problem with health care affordability in the past year, according to our February 2018 poll. The public option failed, but people continue to struggle with their health insurance costs and need relief.

Are YOU struggling with health care costs?

This spring, we videotaped eight stories from people who the public option could have helped. Their stories were incredibly important to share with legislators, other policymakers, and the public – so that we could amplify the real challenges people face.

For example, Dan shared his story and the challenges his family faces – even with health insurance coverage. His family pays high premiums and then pays even more out of pocket until they meet their high deductible. See his story here:

We want to hear your story!

82% of Connecticut residents who buy insurance on their own are worried about affording it in the future. Are you one of these residents? Your story is important because it helps us bring the real concerns and struggles of everyday people to light.

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