Hey, Candidate:  What’s Your Plan for Health Care?

By Lynne Ide |

November 6 is fast approaching.  The candidates for Governor, State Senator and State Representative are asking for votes – my vote. 

Here is what I have to say to candidates who want my vote: 

I care about health care.  Tell me what your plan is for health care.  Give me a reason to vote for you. 

  • What are you going to do to help my father, who stops taking prescribed medications because he can’t afford the co-pays? 
  • What are you going to do to help my son, who doesn’t get health care through his employer, and the plan he buys on Access Health CT has a $6000 deductible – making access to health care unaffordable on his budget? 
  • What are you going to do to protect me, who has a chronic health condition, if pre-existing condition protections are taken away by Congress? 

You see, each one of us has stories about how we, or our loved ones, are at-risk in the current health care system. 

We ALL need our elected leaders to stand up and help each one of us get the care we need, when we need it, at a price we can afford. 

Before November 6 – ask your candidates to tell you what their plan is for health care. 

And then – get out and Vote4HealthCare on November 6. 

If you have a story to share about being a health care voter, contact us at: info@universalhealthct.org