I Am Voting4HealthCare November 6

By Lynne Ide |


What About Health Care on November 6?  

November 6 is about seven weeks away.  What are the candidates – who want YOUR vote – saying about health care?   

Pretty much NOTHING in the Governor’s race. 

Is that okay with you?  

What do candidates running for Governor, State Senator and State Representative plan to do to help you and your family deal with: 

  • curbing outrageous prescription drug costs 
  • controlling high out-of-pocket expenses – such as co-pays, surprise bills and deductibles  
  • protecting people with pre-existing conditions if the Affordable Care Act is eroded more 
  • making sure Medicaid/HUSKY is available to the 800,000+ state residents that use it  

Will they fight for protections and new options that give us all access to quality, affordable health care we can count on? 

You Can Change This 

If you listen to the state (not federal) candidates – you hear almost nothing about health care. 

You can change this. 

Sign up to be a health care voter at IVote4HealthCare

If you sign up, we will let you know what you can do to hold candidates’ feet to the fire between now and November 6. 

Ask Every Candidate 

Here’s one easy thing you can do. 

When you are at a candidate event, writing a letter to the editor, or speaking with a candidate just say: 

“I am a health care voter.  Give me a reason to vote for you.” 

Tell them a bit about your health care worries.  (All of us have a health care story of care denied, high costs, tough choices or fear of losing coverage.) 

Then ask them: 

“What is your plan to deal with health care?” 

If you get an answer, share it with your friends and family.  And share it with us at: info@universalhealthct.org 

Then, go Vote4HealthCare on November 6 – for the candidates that give you the best answers. 

We must not let candidates get away with saying nothing.