It’s Worth Taking a Second Look at Health Coverage for 2023: Access Health CT enrollment begins November 1

Despite double-digit health insurance rate increases, it’s worth taking a new look at coverage offered through Access Health CT, Connecticut’s health insurance marketplace.  

Why? Now there is more financial assistance available to help individuals and families afford coverage.  

Open enrollment begins November 1 and goes through January 15.  Customers can “window shop” on the Access Health CT website starting October 24.

Even if you’ve shopped in the past, you might want to take a second look as there are several new programs that help to make coverage more affordable.  

Inflation Reduction Act

Passed by Congress in August, this law provides enhanced subsidies for both low- and moderate-income people who buy coverage through Access Health CT. This extra help, initially enacted as part of the American Rescue Plan COVID relief legislation last year, was set to expire. Now it has been extended for three more years. Thanks to this action, close to 85% of people currently receiving coverage are eligible for assistance to make their health plans more affordable.  

Covered Connecticut Program

Covered Connecticut provides state-funded help to residents who have incomes that are just above Medicaid eligibility.  The extra help guarantees $0 premiums and no out-of-pocket costs for individuals and families with incomes up to 175% of the federal poverty level.  As an example, that would be an individual with an income of just under $23,800 per year or a family of three with an income of $40,300 a year.  Covered Connecticut also provides access to two important services: dental coverage and non-emergency medical transportation.  

Extra Help for Families Facing Unaffordable Coverage

New regulations issued by the Biden administration will help about 41,000 people in Connecticut purchase more affordable coverage. These new rules fix a quirk in the Affordable Care Act, known as the “family glitch”. Now families where one member has affordable coverage from their employer, but the employer-based coverage is not affordable for the other members of the family, will have the option of getting coverage through Access Health CT, and depending on the family’s income, will be able to access subsidies.  


Beginning October 24, head to Access Health CT to window shop and enroll between November 1 and January 15.  Many options exist to get in-person assistance as well, including enrollment events that will be scheduled throughout the state.