Request for proposal Women’s Network Coordination Consultant

Call for Proposals 

The Universal Health Care Foundation of CT (Universal) seeks a consultant to assist in the start-up and establishment of its Women’s Network for Health Action.  This is a part-time temporary contractor assignment, an average of 18 hours per month for 9 months beginning in April.   

Mission and Background

Universal is a 501c3 grantmaking foundation that supports organizing and advocacy for policy changes related to health care. Our mission is to accelerate the movement for health justice for everybody because health is a human right and core to social justice and equity.

The Problem

Structural racism, the forces of competition and profit in health care, and the lack of political will to change systems and public policies are all systemic barriers to health care that everyone in our state can access without fear of rejection due to their race, ethnicity, language, income, status or where they live and that won’t leave them with undue financial debt. 

Women who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), women who run small businesses and nonprofits, and women who are health care professionals have enormous political, economic, and social power to help transform health care in CT.

We believe a well-organized network of such women can make an enormous positive difference.  

The Assignment 

We seek hands-on support for the logistics, relationship-building, communications, and follow-through work needed to solidly establish our newly-formed Women’s Network for Health Action. We envision this statewide network will be a forceful voice demanding policymakers and other decision-makers in CT to make the changes needed so that health care is equitable, affordable, and accessible.    

The scope of work scope focuses internally and externally to work with Universal staff in the startup of the women’s network.


Consultant must be fluent in racial and social justice work, organized, have strong communications skills, and the ability to manage relationships and timelines.  

Scope of Work

The Consultant will:

  • Support the staff team responsible for recruitment, stewardship, scheduling, and meeting content development.  
  • Create, design and distribute toolkits to support Network member recruitment and advocacy efforts 
  • Be a creative and entrepreneurial ambassador for the Network.  
  • Maintain current and accurate Salesforce records for the women who have been approached
  • Maintain current and accurate Salesforce records for the women who have affirmatively signed on  
  • Maintain a record of what staff person is assigned to which women and document the women’s progress toward network activities
  • Watch the social media feeds of the women in the network, and flag activities for Universal’s engagement
  • Regularly report progress of network and activities to the team and the network
  • Help create content for social media and communications with network members
  • Monitor and support local or issue-based network activities and help build the network

Proposal Requirements   

Please provide a narrative of your proposed approach, timetable, references, and qualifications, including experience in the nonprofit sector. Please indicate your hourly fee or retainer structure. We anticipate awarding a contract no later than late-April with work to begin immediately.  

BIPOC consultants are strongly encouraged to respond.  Please share this call for proposals in your networks. 

Respondents will be evaluated based upon:

  1. Understanding of proposed consultant assignment    
  2. Relevant experience   
  3. Qualifications    
  4. Responsiveness to RFP requirements   
  5. Respondent’s fee proposal   
  6. Respondent’s equal employment, diversity, equity and inclusion policies and practices  
  7. Information secured from references

Please email your complete proposal (or questions about the project) to Heidi Green at [email protected]. Your subject line should read: Women’s Network for Health Action. Proposals are due no later than noon, Friday, April 29, 2022.