State Approves Increases for 2020 Health Insurance Premiums

By Lynne Ide |

Friday, September 13 the Connecticut Insurance Department (CID) announced its approval of health insurance premiums for 2020.   

The “good” news is that the average premium increases requested by the insurers were reduced by CID: 

  • The average approved increase for individual plans was 3.65% – down from an average requested increase of 7.78% 
  • The average approved increase for small group plans was 9.19% – down from an average requested increase of 11.98%  

The “bad” news is that premiums will go up in 2020, compounded by other out-of-pocket costs (such as deductibles, co-pays and premium sharing) that people must fork over to get access health care.   

The CID decision affects roughly 242,000 state residents who buy their own health insurance or get coverage through a small employer.  (Businesses with 50 or fewer employees purchase health insurance in the small group market.)   

CID reviewed 14 rate filings by 10 insurers for plans purchased both on and off the health insurance exchange, Access Health CT.  The largest share of people covered are either Anthem or ConnectiCare customers.  

The leading drivers of cost increases in the 2020 premiums were: 

  • The double-digit increase in prescription drug costs 
  • The increased demand for medical services 
  • The end to a one-year moratorium on the federally mandated health insurer tax, which accounts for an average of 3% in premium costs 

The bottom line for families and small businesses is that health care costs are unsustainable.  The state rolled back most of the requested premium increases, but it still adds up to too much for too many people.   


Open enrollment for 2020 health plans on Access Health CT begins on November 1, 2019.  

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