The Power to Make Change: Women’s Network for Health Action

Women bring a powerful voice to the fight for better health and better care for themselves, their families, and communities. We all need quality care we can count on at a price we can afford. We all want dignity, choice and care that meets our needs.

Women across Connecticut are joining together to help Universal build the Women’s Network for Health Action.

Why Is This So Important?

Women make health care decisions. We select our kids’ doctors.  We care for elderly relatives. We weigh insurance premiums against deductibles. We also fill most health care jobs.

Systemic racism, competition, and profit in health care block equitable, affordable, and accessible health care for everybody. A lack of political will and leaders unwilling to change systems and public policies makes the situation even worse.

Women who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), women who run small businesses and nonprofits, and women who provide health care have enormous political, economic, and social power.

Women are decision-makers. Many of us know first-hand how it feels to be discriminated against by actions and inaction.

We also know the stories of friends, neighbors, employees, and family – sometimes our own stories – women forced to prioritize other financial obligations over health.

We can make a difference when we band together.

Women Together for Action

Join us to fight for better health and better care—together. 

Help build an inclusive network of hundreds of women statewide!

Universal will share intel and policy news. We will listen to learn what you feel is most pressing.  We will provide training and work together to take action for change.

Sign up today and we’ll be in touch

We can’t wait to work together with you!