Voting Matters – For You. For Me. For Health Care.

By Lynne Ide  |

November 6 is a Big Day 

November 6 is eight weeks away.  Like it or not – the outcome of the upcoming elections will impact our health care.  Yours. Mine. Everyone’s. 

Will the Affordable Care Act be eroded or improved?  Will legislators take action to curb the high cost of prescription drugs?  Will someone stand up for us as large hospital/health care systems and insurance companies eat up more and more of our household budgets?  Will Medicaid and Medicare be changed? 

And – will I be able to keep my health care coverage, or will it slip away? 

I know you hear it from lots of places – but there really is a lot at stake on November 6.  

Get Active!  

We need you with us this election year – registered, engaged and ready to vote. 

That is why the Universal Health Care Foundation of CT is supporting the IVote4HealthCare campaign, a nonpartisan voter registration, education and engagement effort.  We are working with the Protect Our Care CT campaign

We have also partnered with a dozen community-based organizations via small grants for nonpartisan voter registration and get-out-the-vote efforts in communities whose voices are too often under-represented in the health care policy debate.  (The list is here

Join the IVote4HealthCare Campaign 

  • Register to vote (check to see if you are registered or register here
  • Learn what candidates are thinking and saying about health care (check out a list of sample questions to ask candidates here
  • Pledge to be a health care voter (join us and sign the pledge here
  • Enter our #IVote4HealthCare video contest (all the info is here
  • Get out and vote on November 6 

Follow Us Through November 6 

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