We Need YOU to Stand with Us in 2018

Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut has taken a hard look at the work that needs to be done to achieve quality, affordable health care for all Connecticut residents.

In the current political environment, we know that many defensive battles will need to be fought. We will be there.

And, we are committed to make sure our state is moving forward to realize the promise of health care we can ALL count on.

You can count on the Foundation to lead.

In 2018, we will focus on two pillars of work:

Protect Our Care CT Campaign

  • Protect – Ensure that Connecticut residents receive maximum benefit from the Affordable Care Act, and defend access to Medicaid, Medicare, and women’s health services
  • Lead – Develop and support new ideas that move Connecticut and the country closer to universal health care
  • Mobilize – Build organizing capacity in Connecticut that creates a system of empowered grassroots activists to defend and advance access to quality, affordable health care

Prescription drug prices

  • Establish a Prescription Drug Affordability Advocacy program that addresses fair pricing, transparency, and out-of-pocket cost relief

2018 holds peril and promise for the future of our health care. We hope you will stand with us in the fight.