What are the lawsuits filed against Hartford HealthCare?

There is more than one way to try to put a stop to the rampant consolidation of Connecticut hospitals that is leading to higher prices and less choice. One tactic, new to Connecticut, is the use of the courts to stop anti-competitive practices. 

Notably, in the last month, two different lawsuits were filed against Hartford HealthCare, alleging anti-competitive practices.  Both lawsuits are receiving national attention.

  • The first suit was filed by St. Francis Hospital against Hartford HealthCare and two of its medical groups, as well as Hartford Hospital itself.  The suit alleges that Hartford HealthCare has used its dominant position to charge higher prices, while offering lower-quality care.  It has also used its market power to pressure physicians to leave St. Francis and practice exclusively at Hartford Hospital and as part of Hartford HealthCare’s physician networks.
  • The second suit, filed in mid-February, is a class-action lawsuit, with six Connecticut residents standing in for the many people in the state that have suffered alleged financial harm from Hartford HealthCare’s growing market power.  This suit also alleges that Hartford HealthCare uses that power to negotiate higher reimbursement rates. 

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