Join us for the webinar series - Beyond COVID: Connecting Communities, Health, and Care


COVID-19 has forced us to face the hard truths about health care and communities: the system is not working. People are left out. 

In the throes of the crisis, we have the opportunity to reimagine what communities, health, and care can look like. Beyond COVID: Connecting Communities, Health, and Care, the series, will explore the topics of community health centers, public health, mental health, and hospitals. We'll learn how COVID broke down the silos these systems work in, what new relationships or partnerships formed as a result, and what sort of structural reforms are next. 


Moderated by Frances G. Padilla, President of Universal Health Care

Featuring two guests per session, TBA as sessions approach.

Upcoming Session: June 30 at 1 p.m., Public Health. Register below!

Featuring: Liany Elba Arroyo, MPH, CPH, Director of Hartford’s Department of Health and Human Services & Jennifer Muggeo, MPH, Deputy Director of Ledge Light Health District


ThisCPHA Logo 2021.jpg sessiccf_logo_rgb_tag TRANSPARENT.pngon is sponsored by Connecticut Community Foundation and the Connecticut Public Health Association



Local public health departments were at the center of the challenge to track and control the spread of COVID-19.  Yet, this crucial part of our health infrastructure has been chronically underfunded and even disrespected while juggling many different responsibilities from restaurant inspection to disease prevention to promoting health equity.  How did the city of Hartford’s health department, and Ledge Light Health District, which covers New London and eight other towns, each respond to the crisis?  What are lessons learned to be carried forward post-COVID?  


Future sessions: Sept. 29, Hospitals; Nov. 17, Mental Health

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Thank you to The Connecticut Community Foundation and the Connecticut Public Health Association for sponsoring our Public Health session, and to Main Street Community Foundation for sponsoring our Mental Health session. 

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