Connecticut Health Care Survey 2014

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The purpose of the Connecticut Health Care Survey was to gather information on the experiences and perspectives of Connecticut residents regarding their health and the health care system. Click here to see a copy of the Press Release announcing this significant and "groundbreaking" survey.

The survey collected information using both land lines and cell phones from a sample of households across the state between June, 2012, and February, 2013. Adult residents of all ages were included; some adults were asked to report information on the children in their households. In all, 4,608 surveys regarding adults and 839 surveys regarding children were complete. The Center for Health Policy and Research at the University of Massachusetts Medical School designed the survey, conducted the data collection, and did the initial analysis. It is expected that the raw data from the survey will be available on the University of Michigan's Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research website by early June, 2014.

Universal Health Care Foundation:
Focus on Access to Coverage and Care

UHCFBriefCoverUHCF engaged the research team at Community Alliance for Research and Engagement (CARE) at the Yale School of Public Health, to write the policy brief, Access to Coverage and Care:  Targeting Implementation of the Affordable Care Act to Improve Health in Connecticut.  The brief gives an important baseline for what access to coverage and care looked like in Connecticut prior to full implementation of the ACA and makes policy recommendations for targeting implementation efforts. 

Funders Collaborate to Highlight 
the Consumer Perspective

Connecticut-based health foundations came together several years ago to discuss the need for more data so that Connecticut could better track its progress on improving the health of its residents. There was also strong interest in learning more about the perspectives of the Connecticut healthcare consumer on their health and how they interact with the healthcare system, especially those of different racial and ethnic groups. Ultimately, six Connecticut health foundations decided to collaborate on the creation and funding of this survey. Aetna FoundationConnecticut Health FoundationThe Patrick and Catherine Weldon Donaghue Medical Research FoundationFoundation for Community HealthUniversal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut, Inc.; and Children's Fund of Connecticut.

The origin of this successful collaboration was described in more detail in the article “Solving the Connecticut Data Deficit through Collaboration” in the Views from the Field: Grantmakers in Health (17 Dec. 2012).

Executive Summary

ExecutiveSummaryCoverThe Executive Summary provides a brief overview of the methodology and highlights of the key findings of the survey, including health insurance coverage, access and sources of care, continuity of care, health status, and patient-provider experiences. The Executive Summary was commissioned by the Aetna Foundation.

Policy Briefs From Funding Partners

While the survey and the resulting data and Chartbook were funded by the Collaborative as a whole, each Policy Brief is the product of the individual health foundation who produced them. Therefore, the views expressed in each of these briefs are those of the author and the supporting foundation and do not necessarily reflect those of all of the funding partners.


Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 10.15.17 AMAetna Foundation's Policy Brief is focused on the patient experience of health care.

Patient Engagement and Provider Support of Chronic Disease Self-Management


CTHFBriefCoverConnecticut Health Foundation's Policy Brief examines how safety net insurance coverage and care providers increase health equity in CT.



CFofCTBriefCoverChildren's Fund of Connecticut's The Children’s Fund of Connecticut’s Policy Brief examines children’s receipt of health services that are consistent with the medical home model of care. Findings show that with the exception of access to care, many children do not receive all of the services considered part of the medical home model.

Children's Experiences with Health Services: Results from the Connecticut Health Survey

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